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Empowerment and Counseling for Young Queers of Colour

  • You‘re under 23 years old?
  • You‘re lesbian, gay, bi, pan, part of the A* spectrum, trans*, inter*, non-binary, queer or not even certain about how you wish to live and love?
  • In your everyday life in Germany, you are constantly asked where you “really” come from?
  • You are experiencing racism?
  • You were born in Germany, migrated to Germany or fled your home country?
  • You are seeking exchange and advice surrounding queer life, coming out, and dealing with discrimination?
  • You long for a queer space, in which you are not percieved as “different”, but among other queers of Color?

Then come and take advantage of the programs for YOUNG QUEERS OF COLOR at the SUNRISE, Dortmund’s LGBPATINQ+ social space.

“Of Color” is a collective term used for all those who are percieved as being “non-German” or “foreign” based on the way they look, e.g. the color of their skin, their name, their religion or the migrational history of their family. For all those who are, thus, more often than not treated more badly, if not, in the very least, differently than non-P.o.C. (People/Person of Color) Germans. It does not matter whether they were born in Germany or not, it is solely based on appearance. “People of Color” is a political self-definition by people who say: “We experience racism on a daily basis, we are constructed into the “other” every day and that needs to finally change!”

The BIPoC Meetings

every 2nd and 4th Friday.
Check our Instagram for the exact time and date.

Only for queer adolescents of Color!

This is where you can spend time with others, make new friends and discuss similar experiences you have made. How do other people handle experiences of racism, homo- and trans*enmity? How can we strengthen and empower others and ourselves? In our meetings we can plan direct actions together, but can, of course, also spend the evening playing foosball, cooking, and having fun! Reach out to us via E-Mail: poc(at)

Counseling for Queers of Color and LGBT*QI Refugees

  • up to the age of 23

Offers a safe space with counselor Alexis in order to speak under four eyes.

You are confronted with prejudice and rejection based on the color of your skin, your cultural affiliation or your religion? You are also in fear of rejection because you are lesbian, gay, bi, trans* or unsure? You are seeking advice on how to speak with your family, circle of friends or community about your sexual orientation and identity? You are afraid of disappointing or losing people who are important to you? In the counseling, there is space to speak about experiences with racism, homo- and trans*enmity, your momentary situation, your thoughts, feelings, worries and questions. Together, we can think of possibilities to help make you feel better. Because you matter.

Just send me, Alexis, an E-Mail to poc(at)sunrise-dortmund.deor a message via Instagram and I will try to reply as soon as possible.