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Empowerment and Counseling

Alexis provides free psychosocial counseling and support for lesbian, gay, bi, pan, A*spectrum, trans*, inter*, non-binary, or queer (LSBPATINQ+) Black youth, Indigenous youth, and young people of color (BIPoC) and their families.

Counseling for youth

Alexis' counseling services are for you if you feel devalued by the dominant white culture because of racism and/or religious affiliation or family history and/or, because you are queer, you feel unaccepted in your own cultural or religious community. But also in case of problems and difficulties in your family, at school, in your club, with your friends or in case of lovesickness, anger, sadness of any kind, experiences of violence or insecurities in the area of love, sexuality, identity and body you are very welcome to come to the counseling. If you wish, your parents, your partner(s) and friends can also be advised. If you are sometimes in over your head and don't know how to get out of it, take yourself seriously and contact me for an appointment: poc(at)sunrise-dortmund.de

Counseling for parents and relatives

Your child has come out to you as lesbian, gay, bi, pan, A* spectrum, trans*, inter*, non-binary or queer and you have more questions than answers? Are you wondering if everything will be different now? Sunrise offers parents and relatives an individual counseling service. With us you can discuss questions about sexual orientation and gender identity and everything that goes along with it. Are you unsure and feel overwhelmed with the new situation for you and do not know how you can best support your child? We take your concerns and fears seriously. Together we can work out an individual way to bring stability into the family system. For a consultation appointment please write to: poc(at)sunrise-dortmund.de

Only for queer youth of color!

"Of Color" is a collective term for all those who are immediately seen by the majority of society as "non-German", as "foreigners", because of their appearance, e.g. their skin color, their name, their religion or the migration history of their family. And accordingly, they are often treated worse, or at least differently, than white-Germans. No matter if they were born in Germany or not, simply because of outward appearances. "People of Color" is a political self-description of people who say: "We experience racism every day in our everyday lives, we are made the "other" every day, and that finally has to change!"

You're Black or of Color, self-identify as lesbian, gay, bi, pan, A* spectrum, trans*, inter*, non-binary, or queer, or you're not sure how you want to love and live - or none of the labels feel like the right fit? Are you curious to get to know other queer youth and to exchange ideas about how others deal with experiences of racism, homophobia and trans* hostility? Then this is the right place for you! At the BIPoC meeting, we want to look at ways we can empower ourselves and others and what we actually need to feel comfortable.

We plan actions together, do handicrafts, play, kicker, cook and make ourselves comfortable. Even if you don't feel like talking, you can still come by and just be there. :-)

Take a look at Insta or Facebook, what is planned or ask us by mail!